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[Name]: Canada/Bryer

[Gender]: Bryer's a he.

[S.O]: maplesexuall Pansexual.

Quiet, shy and a bit nervous. Pacifist and prefers reasoning over fighting, but if you trouble him enough, he might just resort to scolding. Accidentally lets others push him around due to his meekness, yet he will never tolerate someone hurting his family and friends. If you get to know him, he'll become more talkative although he will still remain calm. He's a bit sassy and sarcastic actually. Kind overall.

[Other notes]:
-Is not clingy. He gives others space if they want it. Bryer is quite independent and tough in reality.


[Name]: Jayden/2P!Canada

[Gender]: Jayden's also a he.

[S.O]: Bisexual.

Seems arrogant and haughty with the way he behaves. Unlike his counterpart, he does not let others push him, and can bite back if necessary. Usually laidback, but is quite sarcastic and rude. Tough and independent on the exterior. Jayden can actually be a sweetie, although he won't admit it. Very few are able to see his affectionate side. Is quite friendly in a cool, "What the fuck ever, man" way. Is actually only mean when irritated, unfortunately, his patience is little. Active, outgoing and adventurous.

[Other notes]:
-Is a fan of nature and animals actually. He likes to hang out with the wildlife if they're not dangerous. Particularly likes moose.
-Has abandonment issues. Can't help, but get very clingy to those he likes.

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(( ur actually interested in getting ur ask back up and about, but the ask community is dead.

L A  uGHs ))
  • Listening to: My admin talking...
  • Reading: My journal
  • Watching: Hockey on the TV...
  • Playing: Nothing...
  • Eating: I just had pancakes...
  • Drinking: Nothing...


Bryer Williams

O-oh! You noticed me...?

Bonjour! My name is B-Bryer. You may also know me as Canada Cat, or whatever else nicknames you have stuck on me. If you have any questions, I-I'll happily answer them! ...Unless they're weird, then I won't be too happy.

Also you can ask my counterpart, Jayden...Although he can be rude, sorry aboot that.


I've known you for a long time, and I know that I can trust you with my heart. Rhys, I-I care about you immensely, even more than maple syrup haha...But seriously, I will be there for you a-always...Je t'aime...

You can all be a little too much to handle at times somemorethanotherscoughs, but I care for each and every one of you....D-don't leave, eh?
Take care of my siblings, oui?

[Other Mes?]
Well, that happened. We should have a tea party, but with maple syrup instead.

Don't forget my food and daily snuggles! wait.

I'm glad I can c-call you guys my friends and have you around.

[Admin Corner]
(( Hi! Admin here. I use a tablet and mspaint. Roleplays and questions are welcome! ))
Admin - Tegechu
Other asks - [Ask2PRussicat][Ask2P-Prussdog][Ask-RussiaCat][AskThe11thDocator]

Wales Stamp by phantom X Canada Stamp by phantom (( :iconohohoplz: ))

Art by hyruchewey

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