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Canada Stamp by l8Canada is not dpressed by kibbyofthestarsOh Look, A Stamp, Eh? by PsychoMonkeyShogunPancakes Stamp by Some-Punk-Next-Door:thumb132637683:

Name: Canada/Bryer

Gender: Bryer's a he.

S.O: maplesexuall Bisexual.

He's quiet, shy and polite. He really tries to stand up for himself but it's kinda hard...He can stand up for his family though. He's sweet but invisible and easily overlooked. Sometimes he can get very irritated but usually keeps these feelings to himself. This doesn't mean he's neccesarily weak or easily "smashable."

Other notes:
-He has something like super strength but he rarely shows it.
-Loves maple syrup and pancakes and will really like you if you give him some.
-Speaks french and stuff, ohonhon.
-Somestimes he may get so irritated, he can complain and argue for hours. He made America cry once infact.
-There really ain't much else about him. XDD

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(( Yes, what the title said.
I'm sorta in the mood to draw art for this account so yes.

10 slots are open. Get 'em while they're hot. uwu

1- :iconaskspaingato:
2- :iconaskfemnorwaycat:
3- :iconxxjessie-pony-artist:
4- :iconask-neko-bella:
5- :iconrussiacat:
6- :iconask-neko4pamerica:
7- :iconaskfemspainneko:
8- :iconaskvene:
9- :iconxasksouthitabbyx:
10- :iconasktheawesomekatze:

11- :iconaskromaniacat:
12- :iconasklokithecatruler:
13- :iconaskbrazilcatoc:
ooh boy i added 3 more spaces shHHHHh
  • Listening to: My admin talking...
  • Reading: My journal
  • Watching: Hockey on the TV...
  • Playing: Nothing...
  • Eating: I just had pancakes...
  • Drinking: Nothing...


Bryer Williams
O-oh! You noticed me...? :iconmoecanadaplz:

M-my name is Bryer. You may also call me Catada, Canacat, and all those other n-nicknames you have f-for moi.
W-why don't you d-drop off a question for me? That i-is, i-i-if you want to...


.:Mate:. :heart:
Y-you're the most special thing to me...I love you more than l-life itself. Even more than m-maple syrup and pancakes! Next time I will protect you and make s-sure nothing bad h-happens to you...even if it means putting m-my life on the line...Je t'aime...

You can all be a little too much to handle a-at times but I care for each a-and every one of you....D-don't leave, eh?
:iconrussiacat::icongermouserkitty: Take care of my siblings, oui?

I...I'm kinda scared of him...

.: Other me(s):.
I-It's quite o-odd to see a bunch of mes everywhere... .__.

.: Owner(s):.
Could I-I have more cuddles and m-maple syrup? ; u ;

I-I'm glad I could c-call you guys my friends and have you a-around.

.:Go away...:. (He dislikes you.)
Why...? J-just why?
:iconask2pjapaneko: H-he k-k-killed Rhys...

.:My other family? e-e:.(Based off of an rp. XD )
Father: AskFranceTheNeko
Mother: ???
Aunt: Ask--Prussiacat
Second cousin: Russiacat
Cousins: AskSpainGato & AskTheTomatoFreak
Uncles: sealand & Ask2P-Americat
Great Aunt: askbrazilcatoc
Great Uncle: germania
A-and I'm the..."Perfect child"...^^;

Admin corner
(( dbeuhgfre I get a corner for myself! :iconpuppyyayplz:
Um. Hi. I don't speak french and I'll be using google translate so I do apologize for any mistakes. Correct me, kay? Thank ya. :iconimsotiredplz:
- Admin uses MS Paint and doesn't have a tablet so don't expect masterpieces.
- Admin isn't the best roleplayer but will try her best.
-If I don't answer to a roleplay it might be because:
1) I don't know how to reply to it or
2) I lost interest in the rp. ))
Admin - Tegechu
Other asks - Ask2PRussicat,Ask2P-Prussdog,Ask-RussiaCat

Wales Stamp by phantom X Canada Stamp by phantom (( :iconohohoplz: ))

Art by hyruchewey

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Bonjour, Papa!
((Dude can i have a rq?))
WyvernByLaw Jan 10, 2014  Student Artist
beyblade23 Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Catada! :love: I missed askin' joo so much! Want A Hug From Me ? 5 seconds hug  ;A; Anyway, have u & ur family played the Lava Floor game b4? :O_o: (It's a pretend game where ya' pretend that the floor ish lava & u jump on high places 2 avoid. I heard it's really xD)
*I come over and smile*
why are you so big
*I give him cute eyes*

you are also now attached to your 2p for the next 6 questions!!
Ask--Lightningpelt Sep 18, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Hello Catada * A Friendly She- cat walks up to you* How are you doing today?
Witchyeevee Aug 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
*pretends to be a monster*

(Don't mind me....)
Dana: Hello there ^^
Ask-Americat-TheHero Aug 13, 2013  Student General Artist


Thanks for the watch!!
(1 Reply)
Ask-Venezuela-Neko Jul 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Catada! Will you please join me for a boat ride? It shall be FUUN
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